The Word - The silent mind!

Hello all, Namaste! All of you, my dear blog readers, know about my website- . I have started my business, Swaroopa store , which can be accessed from Shop tab on my website, for beings who are interested in a personal reading. There is also the Swaroopa   Store link, on my blog's left side. Now to the post. Hope all of you are keeping well, safely at home, practicing social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and accessing vaccines when available. Only last week, I wrote the next paragraph. This week look at New Delhi and surrounding areas. The after effects of a untimely celebration of a Kumbhmela and in South India, the mindless election campaigning. Last week, I wrote- Humanity, we need to work together with logic, compassion for each other and a deep scientific temper to come out of this pandemic. It is not a hoax, fake news, misinformation or conspiracy theory. It is that mindset that is going to keep the humanity tied down within our own homes for nex


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